About Ye Olde Pong

"Ye Olde Pong" is a clone of the Pong game that was released on the Atari 2600 platform during the early 80's. The purpose of this program is primarily to familiarize the authors with working with outside libraries, but the SDL library in particular. As was mentioned before, this program is based on SDL and is very simple in nature.

The current stable branch is the 0.1.x tree and the current unstable branch is 0.2.x. The unstable branch is intended primarily for developers to get a look at, but anyone could download and use it. Just bear in mind that it is the unstable version and is still quite buggy and feisty. The unstable branch is up to 732 lines of code, so keep in mind that for every update, the one coder (me) has to go over virtually every line, and the code is constantly expanding with the increase in the number of features.

Future Goals

These are presented in no particular order:

- Improve the graphics slightly, but maintain the "retro" look that characterized the original Pong.

- Improve randomization in how the ball starts and reacts to the paddles during the game.

- A menu for the beginning of the game.

- Move to 800x600 resolution.

- Add a scoreboard.

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